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25 years of growth.
Leaders in 11 countries.
Almost 500 experts.


25 years of growth.
Leaders in 11 countries.
Almost 500 experts.

AnnouncementAcross The Ocean

We are proud to announce that we became the major shareholder of the Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI) company with 11.8% of shares since March 8th, 2023.

We went across the ocean! As of April 1st, Altium has officially acquired NexusScientific, a Boston-based distributor of Life Science brands. This move marks a proud moment for our company as we establish a footprint in the US market and open up new opportunities for growth and development. With a clear vision for the future, we’re thrilled to see what lies ahead and can’t wait to make our mark in this exciting new marketplace. As One Altium, we welcome Nexus Scientific


We are proud to announce that we became the major shareholder of the Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI) company with 11.8% of shares since March 8th, 2023.

Here is the note from our CEO, Goran Dubravcic:
“PHI and Altium share the same vision that regenerative medicine will transform healthcare and cure presently incurable diseases. In this transformation of medicine, we see PHI’s noninvasive cell analysis method as a keystone of standardizing quality control in clinical biomanufacturing. In addition, the expertise of PHI and the proven technology is an outstanding fit with our organizational development vision.

Altium is constantly striving to grow and expand. So naturally, we want to be part of this technology leap, and by investing in PHI, we ensure to provide excellence for the society we live in.”

Who we are

Established in 1997, Altium is a private investment company based in Switzerland with a rich history of success, growth, and stability.
As an international distributors company network, Altium delivers targeted and efficient solutions to various markets, including life science and chemical analysis. In addition to its branches in countries like Poland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, and Azerbaijan, Altium also has a strong network of collaborators throughout Central and Eastern Europe.
As a forward-thinking company, Altium is constantly striving to grow and expand its reach, reaching new heights and making a more significant impact in the world.

Altium is a leading solution provider for laboratories with a mission to be present in every lab in the represented territories.
Areas of expertise include pharma and biopharma, food, energy, and environmental solutions, with expanding development in medicine, healthcare, and green energy sectors. Altium's ultimate goal is to create a safer world by providing the best laboratory equipment, support, and knowledge.

How we grew


SEM LAB established to sell consumables and provide application & hardware support for Agilent (HP) and other manufacturers’ instruments


SEM LAB appointed Agilent (HP) distributor for Turkey


Altium was founded as an international corporation


HPST established to replace former Agilent subsidiary covering Czech Republic


Perlan established to replace former Agilent subsidiary covering Poland


SEM AZ established to distribute Agilent products in Azerbaijan


AlphaChrom established to replace failing former distributor covering Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Kosovo


Agilrom Scientific becomes part of Altium Group as distributor for Romania


DSP became part of Altium covering the territories of Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia


all companies will become a unified Altium brand

What we do

As a trusted partner, Altium is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and advance your research and development efforts. Whether you need high-quality equipment or technical support or want to tap into expertise, Altium is here to support you every step of the way.

Our team of experts continuously monitors the requirements and specifics of local markets. Using the standards of good international practice, the international team of managers creates conditions for sustainable operations in all business segments.
The aim of our business is to connect people and businesses across Europe and beyond.
Our company recognizes and fosters innovation, supports, and invests in promising ideas, including start-ups.
We share our experiences with clients through consulting services to lead to changes in various markets.

Our know-how

At Altium, we develop our expertise through in-depth knowledge of specific markets and tracking of micro and macroeconomic trends within our international network.

Our management team is highly skilled and experienced
in the technical aspects of sophisticated laboratory instruments and has a strong marketing and sales background.

Our know-how

We build our expertise by knowing the specifics of each market and by following micro and macroeconomic trends within an international network. Altium management is very well trained and experienced on the sophisticated laboratory instruments technically with a very strong background in marketing and sales.

Our business

The life sciences and analytical chemistry services we provide are based on world-leading products from identified leading partners.

These include:
  • Pre-sales consulting
  • Laboratory project management
  • Application development & implementation
  • After-sales support for all installed products
  • Personnel training services
  • A range of associated products from other principals
Top performance
Knowledge of the market and trends results in a leadership position in most countries.
New technologies
Digitization and efficiency are built into the very core of our business.
Logistic and Finance Services
International business practice in different international markets.
Proven management with a common vision and a dedicated team of top professionals.
Ad Astra’s team consulting proved to be the tune up we needed to improve our campaign results, and it really shows on our turnover.
Brenda McIntyre
Majestic Vista LLC
Ad Astra brings tremendous value to my company. We have generated more leads in the last 45 days than the last 2 years.
Jason Williams
Jason Williams

Altium team

Head Of TeamBrad Wilson

Seamlessly empower fully researched growth strategies and interoperable internal or organic sources for development.

Business ConsultantFranklin Wallace

Interactively productize premium technologies whereas interdependent quality vectors and enterprise experiences via global markets.

HR ConsultantSarah Daniels

Globally myocardinate interactive supply chains with distinctive quality vector sources through interoperable services.

Marketing ConsultantElisabeth Howe

Uniquely enable accurate supply chains rather than frictionless technology, network focused materials and manufactured products
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Competently parallel task fully researched data and enterprise process improvements. Collaboratively expedite quality manufactured products via client-focused results.


Altium is always looking for new investment opportunities. Our core area of expertise and interest is in the field of life sciences and analytical chemistry, where we have fully demonstrated our technical and commercial strength for just under two decades. From year to year a growing percentage of our investment portfolio has been diversifying into other business areas.
We have a strong geographic presence, an outstanding team of over 300 professionals, in-depth management experience and a very stable financial structure. If you have an interesting opportunity that could benefit from our strengths, we would be happy to hear your presentation.
Please contact us so that we can find out how the Altium network can help. Altium is self-financed and does not require external investors, so there is no requirement for public disclosure of financial information.

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