Creativity, knowledge
and perseverance
drive our success.

Visions, ideas
and enthusiasm
connect our teams.

Confidence, support
and respect
make a true partnership.

Altium is always looking for new investment opportunities. Our core area of expertise and interest is in the field of life sciences and analytical chemistry, where we have fully demonstrated our technical and commercial strength for just under two decades. From year to year a growing percentage of our investment portfolio has been diversifying into other business areas.

We have a strong geographic presence, an outstanding team of over 300 professionals, in-depth management experience and a very stable financial structure. If you have an interesting opportunity that could benefit from our strengths, we would be happy to hear your presentation.
Please contact us so that we can find out how the Altium network can help. Altium is self-financed and does not require external investors, so there is no requirement for public disclosure of financial information.
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